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Louis Colaianni
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Voice Master Teachers

Voice Methods Workshop 2008 Photos
| Phil Thompson |  Louis Colaianni |  Nancy Krebs

Voice Methods Workshop 2005 Photos
|Catherine Fitzmaurice | Louis Colaianni| Nancy Krebs |

Voice Methods Workshop


"The workshop is by no means an academic overview.  It is a physical, vocal, and emotional experience that gave me not only a deeper understanding of the methods but a muscle memory experience, that will now become a desire to share with my students.  As one who desires to be a perpetual student, it was like letting a child loose in a toy store.  There were wonderful toys and tools that have already found an invaluable use in daily life – not to mention onstage and in the classroom.  As a teacher, I was not only exposed to new concepts or understandings of previous experiences – but also allowed to watch and steal from some wonderful teachers; method, tactics, and encouragement I can utilize in my own classrooms."

Jakie Cabe
Professor of Theatre
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX

"Each of the three two-day workshops was richly experiential and loaded with useful practical information. The presenters were truly, as advertised, Master Teachers of their respective methods. I had no idea that each of the presenters would be able to present so much valuable material in two days. And, it's kind of amazing to me that the material was presented in such a way that I (and, I believe, everybody else) could experience and easily absorb so many essential and powerful fundamentals. Thanks so much!"

Bruce Schaffer
Brooklyn, New York

"This is the second Methods Workshop I have attended, and -- as with the first -- I found it thoughtfully conceived, with first-class presenters and an interesting range of material."

Amy Stoller
Stoller System Dialect Coaching & Design
New York, New York

"It was terrific to go back to being in student mode, especially with such an esteemed group of colleagues. The teachers' depth of expertise was matched by their insight and generosity in working with each of us."

Lester Thomas Shane
American Academy of Dramatic Art
New York, New York

"A fantastic workshop experience."

Theresa Greenleaf
New York Conservatory for Dramatic Art
New York, New York

"The Voice Methods Workshop provided a remarkably thorough and concentrated overview of three leading approaches to voice training. It was very well-organized, the facilities were extraordinary and the instructors first-rate. I highly recommend the workshop to both experienced practitioners and those just beginning to explore the field."

Jay Miller, Voice and Speech Coach,
Toronto, Canada

"This workshop allowed an intensive "TASTE" of three methods. It was very exciting to work with three Master teachers and experience the philosophies and techniques of each. It was a very nurturing experience and I will be sharing my knowledge with my own students."

Elizabeth Cox, Associate Professor of Theatre,
Plymouth State University, NH

"I really enjoyed the variety of voice methods, all in one place. I was also very impressed with the organization and well planned schedule. Everything was so easy!"

Jeanine Cull, MFA Student

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